Search Engine Optimization for Therapists & Mental Health Professionals.

SEO sounds complicated: Let me help.

This course will take you step by step through how to decide what should go on your website, edit your website so its gives Google (and other search engines) enough information to improve your rankings and how to monitor your efforts to make sure they are working.

They didn't teach us this stuff in grad school, but we CAN learn it. I've helped therapists throughout the United States & abroad learn to implement these techniques. I've seen firsthand powerful SEO can be in growing a group practice and now I want to make it easier than ever for YOU to learn as well!

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Top of Search Engines

Comprehensive SEO Course for Therapists & Related Businesses

You have a website you love (or are in the process of creating one) and you know you'll be able to help more people...if they can just find you. Right now, you're feeling discouraged because nobody seems to be finding you through your website. You may even wonder, "What's the point of having a website at all?"

SEO can be a powerful part of any marketing strategy. It's nice to have a great website. But if nobody can find it, you aren't getting the full return-on-investment for that site. However, if you can get to the top of Search Engines and funnel more people to your website, then the website can truly do it's job of moving the right clients to call you.

As a private practice owner myself, I understand the frustration of knowing your website will convert new clients if only they can find you. And I believe you deserve to have the information to get your site in front of your ideal clients.

So...I created this comprehensive SEO course with everything you need to know to get your private practice site ranking well. truly is comprehensive.

Some people will benefit more by going through my shorter courses first. But if you are REALLY committed to diving COMPLETELY into SEO, this is the course for you. I highly recommend setting aside a couple hours a week and taking this course one module at a time. In fact, it's ok to skip around as well. But just stick with it and know that every little piece of advice you put into play will help more potential clients find you!

*Lifetime access included* As long as I have a Teachable account, you'll have access to this course!